Now every REALRIDES® product includes a comprehensive training plan developed by Robbie Ventura and his pro coaches at Vision Quest Coaching. Every plan is 14 pages of training principles, terminology and a week-by-week calendar designed to help cyclists achieve their on-the-bike goals. And every plan is absolutely free. All you have to do is subscribe to our mailing list.

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These plans will help you understand the underlying training principles you need to know to train intelligently and effectively. Along with our free Benchmark Threshold Test included in most products as well as here on the site, they help identify your personal training zones to get the very most out of your training.


Each plan is broken down into 8 individual weeks and includes a variety of training sessions that utilize the REALRIDES® videos as well as drills, skills and off-the-bike work. The triathlon-specific TRI PACK plan also incorporates swim and run workouts just for triathletes.


Week 1


Vision Quest Coaching offers innovative, high quality coaching delivered via the latest technology and training methodologies. With state-of-the-art facilities and a talented staff of world-class coaches, VQ provides expert training programs for endurance athletes of all levels, kids and beginners to elite-level, and Tour de France champions. Robbie Ventura is the founder and owner of Vision Quest Coaching. As a former Pro rider and member of the US Postal Service Team, Robbie still rides competitively today and brings this experience to helping VQ assist all kinds of athletes in reaching their potential in competitive athletic events. VQ has been named the official coaching service of TREK Travel and Robbie serves as both a CycleOps Director of Training and NBC Sports Tour de France commentator.

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