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Know what each part of a bike is called? Want to learn how to change a flat? Need group riding skills and experience? Want to hit next season with the skills and conditioning to take you to the next level? START PACK will help you move from just being an enthusiastic cyclist to being a real cycling enthusiast.

Ride 101 delivers over 30 minutes of cycling tips, skills, drills and knowledge that could take years to discover on your own. It also introduces you to a basic indoor workout designed to get you ready for more. And that more comes in the form of Power where you will raise your limits on the velodrome and on the road while riding with the VisionQuest Coaching staff. At the same time, we add in the cycling-specific core exercises on and off the bike that will make you fitter and faster on the bike. It all adds up to an 8 week program that will take your cycling to the next level.


  • Designed to get you started on indoor training
  • 142 total minutes of training interval video
  • 30 minutes of cycling knowledge/skills video
  • On-screen dashboard guides your workout
  • 8 week VisionQuest training plan included
  • Ability to customize training sessions
  • Music on/off feature (play our tunes or yours)

A heart rate monitor and cadence-capable bike computer are recommended for best results. A power meter is beneficial but not required.

Learn more here about how to train effectively indoors.