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RIDE 101


When the bike bug has bitten, you know it. That's when you want to be on your bike more than anything and when you're thirst for bike knowledge is insatiable. And that's what Ride 101 is all about. This introductory program is for riders looking to build cycling knowledge and on-the-bike skills while getting started with indoor training.

Ride 101 offers an 8-week training program to guide you towards cycling specific fitness supplemented with a series of skills and drills videos that will make you a better, safer and more skilled rider. Skills topics range from basic bike anatomy, handling skills, road safety, and clothing, to bike maintenance, nutrition basics, and how to ride in a group, among others. Each and every one of these things is something every serious cyclist needs to know.

Ride 101 is also a training tool. At the VisionQuest facility, Robbie and his coaches take you through a structured trainer workout. Robbie's power output, perceived intensity level, heart rate, cadence, speed, and elapsed time is displayed on-screen as he rolls through the intervals. You'll be able gauge your efforts against his and track your improvements from the baseline data you posted from the full threshold test that kicks-off the 8 week training cycle.

RIDE 101 Features

  • Cycling knowledge, techniques and skills from basic bike maintenance, to bike handling, group riding and nutrition
  • Includes a 30 minute introductory cycling workout
  • On-screen dashboard guides your workout
  • 8 week VisionQuest training plan included
  • Benchmark threshold test tracks your progress
  • Ability to customize training sessions
  • Music on/off feature (our tunes or yours)

A heart rate monitor and cadence-capable bike computer are recommended for best results. A power meter is beneficial but not required.

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