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Take VO2Max to the max with this competition-oriented bundle. You'll hone your leg speed and sprinting with Speed, then dive into criterium racing with Race Day and road racing with Gran Fondo for full-on race simulation training. We won't promise it will be easy, but if you stick with it for 8 weeks, you'll be ready to rumble.

There's nothing like racing to get you ready for racing. But the problem is, racing is brutally hard and if you're not ready, you will be left behind. RACE PACK is designed to get you ready for racing and to simulate the kinds of skills and efforts that will let you not only hang with the pack, but just maybe, leave them behind. You'll be on board with Robbie as he leads you through leg speed and sprinting drills and then you'll join him in a criterium and road race where you'll not only learn to handle the intensity and efforts, but also learn invaluable strategy gleaned from Robbie's years as a professional.

RACE PACK Features

  • Designed to build long distance endurance
  • 172 minutes of VO2Max and race-pace efforts
  • Shot during an actual Gran Fondo event
  • On-acreen dashboard guides your workout
  • 8 week VisionQuest training plan included
  • Ability to customize training sessions
  • Music on/off feature (play our tunes or yours)

A heart rate monitor and cadence-capable bike computer are recommended for best results. A power meter is beneficial but not required.

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