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It's simple, really: to go faster, just apply increased force. This REALRIDES® training title helps you build your threshold force and take time-trialing and climbing to new levels. Using unique, bike-mounted cameras, the videos take you up Wisconsin's longest climb for repeat threshold efforts. It's not easy, but it's the perfect tool to get you fitter and faster.

Time-trial efforts and climbing are all about finding the perfect balance between going as hard as you can while not going so hard you blow up. This title will train your body and your mind for just those kinds of efforts. And over the course of those 8 weeks, you will see real growth in your threshold power. If you just follow Robbie, he will get you there.

The program starts with a full threshold test to determine baseline fitness. Then, a progressive training plan is structured to take you from those baselines to new levels over a structured 8-week period. Robbie Ventura, ex-US Postal Service professional, narrates, coaches, and rides with you. You'll see a dashboard with Robbie's power output in watts, heart rate, cadence, speed, intensity level, and ride time. These numbers serve as a benchmark to ride against and compare your personal data to.

FORCE Features

  • Progressive training regimen builds over time
  • 8 week VisionQuest training plan included
  • On-screen dashboard guides your workout
  • Benchmark threshold test measures progress
  • Ability to customize training sessions
  • Music on/off feature (our tunes or yours)

A heart rate monitor and cadence-capable bike computer are recommended for best results (power meter optional).

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