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CX RACE takes you along for the ride with Robbie as he navigates a very slippery winter cyclocross race. The course is challenging, the competition is fierce and there are more than a few surprises along the way as you work with Robbie to build the high-end energy systems required to compete.

Ride with Robbie Ventura, ex-US Postal Service professional, as he races in a sanctioned cyclocross event. This video includes 70+ minutes of on-bike warm-up and racing footage. You'll experience the unique demands of cyclocross racing and learn a ton about better bike handling and race tactics as you develop the all-important VO2 energy systems required for race-type efforts.

Robbie Ventura, ex-US Postal Service professional, narrates, coaches, and rides with you and you'll see a dashboard with time at perceived exertion, intensity level, interval duration, total duration, and lap number. This data serves as a benchmark to ride against and gauge your efforts.

CX RACE Features

  • 70+ mins. of winter cyclocross racing
  • On-screen dashboard guides your workout
  • Benchmark threshold test tracks progress
  • 8 week VisionQuest training plan included
  • Commentary or race-only audio tracks

A heart rate monitor and cadence-capable bike computer are recommended for best results (power meter optional).

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