Benchmark Threshold Test

This test is the ideal tool to determine your training zones (it's also included on most REALRIDESRegistered titles). Using either power or a combination of heart rate, cadence, gearing, and Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE), you'll be able to gauge your efforts in relation to Robbie and measure your progress over the 8 week program.

Instructions (read before starting)

  • For best performance, use a fan to stay cool and take on plenty of fluids
  • Test yourself at the beginning of the 8-week training block and again at the end
  • Record your results using our free, downloadable Log Form/RPE Chart
  • If your blow-up before you reach 10 minutes, restart in an easier gear
  • If you're still going after 14 minutes, restart in a harder gear
  • Continue with the test until you have to stop/reach exhaustion
  • The values one level below your stop point are your threshold
  • Press PLAY and then press PAUSE to let the video pre-load completely
  • Once it's fully loaded, press PLAY again and give it your best shot

Learn more here about how to train effectively indoors.

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